North petherton 1st XV vs wellington 

With many in attendance and the festive spirit looming across beggars brook. Both the fans and players were ready to embark on an engrossing game of rugby. The away side started well and seemed to have the answer to what the oaks were throwing at them. However, Mitchell Needham made a fantastic break past the welly defence and charged down the pitch putting captain Michael stevens through making the scoring 5-0 to the oaks. From the restart Pethy continued to put welly under massive amounts of pressure with ground being gained from fantastic runs by Connor Perkins and Henry Gliddon. After several phases of dominate Pethy ball Michael stevens found himself over the line again for his second of the game which was converted taking the scoring to 12-0. Welly were put under masses of pressure from the Pethy forwards who were gaining yard by yard towards the oppositions try line. Once they had reached the try line welly held up strong for many phases. But a calculated pass to James Taylor slotted him right under the posts. This try was converted taking the score to 19-0. Pethy continued there defensive dominance with fast line speed constantly keeping the wellington attack at bay. This concluded the first half with the home side up 19-0 at half time. 

As the second half got under way, The away side didn’t let the score line phase them. With a strong break catching the home sides defence off guard forcing there way over the line for their first. The score now stood 19-5. Welly continued this fine run of play tackling Pethy hard and putting them into deep waters. However, the oaks responded with a strong defensive scrum winning the ball back which caused a massive cheer around the home ground. After this Pethy seemed to be back in control with the backline playing some lovely phases with the ball moving from side to side cleanly. Eventually, welly regained there form and forced Pethy into their own half to which jack Rees kicked to stop the oppositions attack in their tracks . Despite their best efforts, Pethy couldn’t hold on in defence and welly found another gap and seized the opportunity. Taking the scoring to 19-10. The home side yet again didn’t let the pressure from welly phase them as they continued to carry hard and move the ball smoothly. In spite of this. Welly found themselves with a penalty under the posts to which they decided to take the points. Bringing the scoring to a very close 19-13. The boys on black and white however showed no sign of slowing down. As they forced a turnover and a well placed kick put them right where they wanted to be. And after a few crash ball phases they found themselves over the line again. The try was then converted concluding an intense game off rugby.

Final score: 26-13