We hosted a 24 hour spoon bike charity event where we raised £3200 for the the Josh […]
Tonight’s game is cancelled due to weather and damage at the club.
Number Name Prize 50 R Foster £65.00 15 T Crocker £30.00 77 B Stenson £20.00 84 […]
Pethy 1st XV vs Sidmouth  On a foggy night at beggars brook, the oaks looked to get […]
North petherton 1st XV vs wellington  With many in attendance and the festive spirit looming across beggars […]
Pethy colts vs Exmouth colts 4/12/21 On the back of a convincing victory against Weston colts […]
1st XV North petherton  vs Devonport services  On a bitterly cold afternoon with an overcast sky Devonport’s, Richard […]